Please note:  These are for research purposes only and LearningCrypto does not guarantee any future returns or airdrops.  Things also change fast in crypto so its possible that that the information may be out of date or inaccurate.  Use at your own risk.


Using a protocol for example weekly, getting enough trades and transactions is helpful for many airdrops.

1. Test with a test wallet first, do this at least before significant funds.
2. Transfer funds over to test or use a testnet faucet for testnets
3. DYOR on these, their could be bugs in contracts.  Always be careful of bridges (cross chain/ecosystem). All are bridges (regardless of what they say), the mechanism changes. Some have escrow (I avoid these), others do, token swaps and reswap, others have cross chain support.
4. Values are just vague guestimates.  ($ likely under $100-$500; $$ – perhaps upto $1000+ ; $$$ – likely higher range above $1000 – ???