Trade Alerts & Market Updates

Get informed of all of the trades that Heidi and Toby make within 5 mins of the trade.


Step by step guides that help you learn how to use tools within the crypto space.

Crypto Life Hacks

Get tips and tricks that will help your quality of life within the crypto space.

Extra Discord Access

Besides the public Discord you will have access to exclusive channels, polls, and community building events.

Semi-Annual Classes

At least two comprehensive courses are released each year, aimed at facilitating the expansion of your knowledge and personal growth.

Copy of Heidi's Book

Get a free copy of Heidi's book "Why Crypto: Why it Exists and Why You Need It"

Access to our Crypto Help Desk

Have crypto questions you have not been able to find answers to? Start a chat with our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Extra Advanced Content

On top of the tons of content, annual members will get access to even more content that will help them learn and grow their crypto knowledge base. Anything that the CT Team puts out will be accessible to them.

Exclusive access to Heidi & Toby

Extra Q & A's with Heidi and Toby as well as other possible events and meetups.

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