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Hey everyone I know many of you are bored of this sideways price action. In my opinion we are just setting ourselves up for a smash through $30K. Whether that comes sooner rather than later is not known to anyone…

Trade Alert


Hey everyone so as you know I am trying to find small cap coins that could do very well during the next bull market. I do like privacy focused coins. I found this one which uses TOR network through on-chain…

Trade Alert


Hey everyone, congrats again for those who bought HILO, ATOR and MTE when I first mentioned them. All THREE are experiencing new all time highs today. I am going to hold onto these coins for the long run…


Portfolio Overview

A comprehensive look at our portfolio, including details about our current holdings, recent trades, and a complete list of the cryptocurrencies we currently possess.



What Sets Us Apart

Exclusive access to our crypto portfolio lets you learn our strategic approach to long and short term investments. Witness real trades and capital allocation decisions. Glimpse our transparent process for researching and timing crypto opportunities.

Join a Vibrant Community

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for cryptocurrency. Exchange experiences, ask questions, provide assistance, and draw inspiration from fellow members. We’re not just an educational platform; we’re a supportive network that thrives on collective learning and growth.

Secure Your Investments

Security is paramount in the cryptocurrency world, and we’re here to equip you with the best practices to protect your investments. Learn how to keep your holdings safe from scams, counterparty risk, and hackers. Our tips and tricks will empower you to confidently transact and store your cryptocurrencies with peace of mind.

Your Path to Financial Freedom

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of cryptocurrencies or you’re looking to enhance your existing knowledge, Learning Crypto is your partner in achieving financial freedom. Our proven strategies, backed by a decade of experience, will help you navigate market volatility with confidence. No more panicking—just sound decisions that will benefit you in the long run.

Community Reviews

‘Calmness and Conviction’

I have been a CT Club member for more than one year now and the club is an integral part of my crypto. I look to Heidi to help me with decentralization. I look to Toby for his calmness and conviction during market turmoil and betting on projects. The moderators and CT members are my sounding board and a great source of information. To me the biggest surprise is the value I am getting from the various discord channels, like crypto-living.


‘Honesty and Down to Earth’

Recent new member and loving it. Really like the trading alerts as I don’t have the time, I would like to have, to do in-depth research. Have been researching, investing and using crypto resources since early 2020. Glad I’m in now wish I had found it earlier. Thanks Toby and Heidi for your honesty and down to earth approach.

HR | Kamicarz

‘Learned so much’

I have been in Crypto for just over a year and learned so much from Toby and Heidi. I really appreciate that they don’t take paid endorsements from projects and there is no hopeium pumps. Being a part of the CT Club and getting trade alerts and portfolio updates gives me confidence in making decisions. I also like how they bring in experts from different fields in crypto to weigh in. Love the way you stand on your beliefs, morals, and give back in missions. Thank you very much!

Chad RunningCut Φ

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